Middle East Engineering & Bussiness Company


MEBCO supplies based on project requirements. Specialized In made-to-measure delivering a range of products for full-Scale projects.

 Ranging from approved international standard products to highly sophisticated specials from reliable and approved manufacturers around the world.

(West Europe, East Europe,Japan,South korea,China)

Mebco supplies products for e.g. the offshore, chemical and petrochemical industry,power companies as well as for machine and Equipment manufacturers in below ways:

-supply the material through normal supplying procedure.

- supply the material as a procurement service provider and managing all procurement steps for project.

MEBCO  owes its excellent reputation first and foremost to the company vision that quality, accuracy, competence and service should exceed formal certification standards.

 Every single employee is fully aware of the fact that our products and services  are part of a safe connection. Therefore, irrespective of the size or scope of the supply,each MEBCO product meets the highest possible standards.

we can make the Connection between your demands and our expertise.